Man says to a prostitute…

I doubt very much that men have any meaningful words to say to a prostitute… and visa versa.

This is commonly known as a simple transaction… an engage of goods for monetary compensation. Considering this, a man says to a prostitute, I don’t want you, I just want your body!

Be rest assured that this isn’t much different in today’s relationships. Two people are together for various reasons that can be described as a day-to-day “transaction”.

The problem with individuals today, is that we are becoming too lazy to influence a meaningful and rewarding relationship to activate… SEX! Sex in itself is the outcome of communication. I’ll write a blog about this at a later stage but if you not convinced… read “Sex Begins in the Kitchen”: Creating Intimacy to Make Your Marriage Sizzle by Kevin Leman. Furthermore, just consider one night stands or having friends with benefits… fun right? These individuals want the benefits of a relationship but not the responsibility!

Why do you think cheating is so popular? Both individuals dress up, put on their best perfume and use the most choice words. This done over time, with right tone and use of words can only result in one thing… SEX. It’s the process of being on your best behaviour to the opposite sex on a daily basis; in all aspects of your life that has the same result… SEX!

When a man says to their partner (or visa versa), I’m only interested in your good looks, your curvy tight body and skin-tight jeans, he is ultimately using their partner as a tool; Something he can use to get the job down and then let her go on her merry way.

Im a runner, tennis player and other fun things. But never have I taken my sporting equipment (a tool) to bed with me. Tools are used for a period of time and put away. Your partner is a human being, a physical and priceless being that deserves to be treated with absolute worth. Not to be treated as a tool for your release!


Next time you want to get all fresh and kinky with your partner… let it be because of it starting in the kitchen.