Back to the Future

Back to the Future

1985 was the year that Hollywood frustrated the hell out of every kid with one movie; Back to the Future. I’ll get into the detail of the frustration later. The story is about Marty Mcfly;  a teenager who has a crazy scientist friend; Doc Brown. Travelling backwards and forwards in time over 3 movies.

So why the frustration?

In 1985 I was 8 years of age. You were about (insert age here)

The Nike shoes, the hoverboard, flying cars, fancy smancy everything and while changing things in the past & future. All the things any kid would desire. If I have lost you, you probably were not 8 years old in 1985. So to get up to speed, go and watch the movie to recap.


Who wouldn’t want to change things in the past? Imagine what (insert name here) would get up to with a time machine? Don’t even get me started with what I would change!

One thing I would not try and change is… my partner!

I learnt a hard lesson when I was 24 years old. I met a girl on a summer holiday down at the coast. What a party! Came back home and turns out she lived down the road from me. We started dating and the fun was short-lived. I acknowledge it was because of me. Insecurity crept in and what used to be fun… fizzled out like a rainy sunset. Just before it all ended, she asked me a question that becomes a life lesson today. “What happened to the JP I fell in love with?” 

Do you recall the “insecurity” I mentioned earlier?

What I meant to say was… I tried to change my partner? Generally speaking, our insecurities or shortcomings motivate us to change our partners. 

Do you remember when you first met your partner? How you just thought it couldn’t get any better than this!

Prior to meeting your partner, they went through life; shaping their beliefs, creating a value system and certain circumstances (good & bad) influenced their decision making and the way they do things. If they are with you today, all those things “chose you”. Now why on earth, would we want to change our partner?

Change is required where relationship goals need to be achieved. With every effort of value put towards that relationship goal, a sacrifice will indefinitely be the foremost cost. But a small cost in comparison to the outcome of your goals. Apart from that, let our partners grow, learn & flourish. If they are paying attention & thinking through this life, life has a way of being the best teacher.

Let’s be honest… we have all tried changing our partners and failed horribly.

So here is a question!

If you could back into the past; what would you change? But if you choose to change something at the risk of losing your partner; would you?

Leave changing the past to Hollywood while you live in the present!

PS: While I was writing today’s blog I was listening to “La Belle Mixtape – Time Travel”. Coincidence? Nonetheless, worth a listen. Lae Belle – Time Travel

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