sweet sweet smell of green grass

Every time my oldest brother (let’s be clear that he is older) visits South Africa from the UK, he has this habit of taking off his shoes and walking onto green grass barefoot. His “bright as the sun” white feet and nik nak toes extend much like a centipede, curling and pinching the grass with relief all the while staring for a moment into the distance. I have come to accept without any understanding that this is his thing. His spiritual process. Connecting with the world. His “feng shui” moment of connecting with a world that he acknowledges is bigger than him.

Feng Shui – (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi)

So where does the “sweet sweet smell of green grass” come from? What does my brothers feet and his thousand yard stare have to do with it? Is there a link with the girl or boy next door? I personally have a love for green manicured lawns but hate mowing the grass.

Ever heard the saying. “The grass is always greener on the other side”?

And it’s true in context to this blog! Normally if not always, our neighbours grass is greener. There is always people that are prettier, sexier, more handsome, better legs, bigger chest, richer, more luxurious homes etc etc etc and this is getting boring, in this world.

Now that we have that out the way…  and my brothers feet, lets get started with this weeks blog.

Let’s create a everyday scenario:

There is without a doubt; everyday for some, or on certain occasion for others, we see or specifically notice and engage with the opposite sex that really gets our attention. Naturally we don’t vocalise this, as all the urges and chemistry happen internally, yet our bodies respond. Our bodies for an unknown reason feel a surge or inexplicable connection to the other person for which there was not motivation or intention from ourselves. This logically is not the issue. There is always this form of unseen, unknown, where the hell does this deep chemistry & connection come from… happen in us. Building off this, with all the decorum and guard that we are able to muster to ensure that that is where it stays… just a surge or inexplicable connection, often people let something like be their guide and reason for responding & viola… “i ruined my marriage” is the outcome.

We cannot go around letting our “feelings” guide us to plot a course for life. If that was the case, no one would have meaningful and purposeful relationships. Feelings either feel good or feel bad. Right and wrong cannot be linked to either. Most days I feel like slapping the stupid… my feelings are strongly in support of this. However, the outcome would be devastating. Right & wrong should be based on moral living, seeking for moral outcomes.

Long story short, your neighbor’s grass is always going to be greener and so is his neighbours grass greener still. Looking over your neighbours fence can become dangerous over time as you never know who is looking back with the same interest.

Cultivate your relationships to shine bright and be an example to anyone looking in. Let it shine so bright that that individual would desire the same for their relationship.

Remember, the grass is always greener where you water it. The outcome, is the sweet sweet smell of green grass!

PS: no grass was harmed or smoked during this blog!

PPS: if there are significant grammatical errors, please let me know! It’s the only way I can improve!

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