Crack Happy Dentist

Crack comes in different forms… depending on which side of the fence your brain is.

In this case (mine) crack is a good thing. Crack Happy means… when a person experiences another’s person’s happiness in an environment that generally is understood not have a happiness factor!

So what was my experience?

As life would have it, it was the annual dental check up. Never a happy day for anyone. But as I would have it, I made the most of it. Upon walking into the dentists room, this senior aged, moustache, father looking figure was waiting for me with the biggest of smiles and a warm greeting. At that point I was more freaked out than ever before. The thought of a happy dentist was something that comes from Hollywood in the form of a horror movie. Of course at this stage my paranoia kicked in. I said to myself run but his handshake, (which dentists shakes their patience hand) was too firm to break loose. My eyes we darting left & right for an alternative escape route but all that caused was calm. What? Calm?

Turns out the happy looking moustache looking dentist father; had a family… and might I had very beautiful daughters. Funny that I would notice the daughters. From that point on, my perception regarding dentists are that they are not from Hollywood horror shows and that woman love them and give them daughters. Or is that all just a cover???

Lest skip the drama about sitting down i nthe chair and the dentist telling me about my teeth… blah blah blah.

As I was about to leave, I noticed he had 2 daughters standing next to their husbands. Considering his happiness and the perception of his family’s stability, I asked him if I may ask a personal question? With his moustache standing stationary while smailing… he said sure.

I asked… what did you tell your daughters about choosing a husband? His answer… is truly unforgettable!

The happy dentist responded: I didn’t need to tell them anything about choosing a husband. The way my wife & I raised our daughters, prepared them to make good choices throughout life, and choosing a husband was one of them.

I walked out willing to pay twice as much just for the family story he shared.

The power of raising not just children, but friends & our partners is no different to this life lesson. The way we speak, touch and think about our partners will prepare them for any challenge life has to offer. So today, speak kindly & lovelingy and prepare your partner for success.

Lets all put our hands together for the Crack Happy Dentist!










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