You can’t squeeze a green tomato ripe!

What in the world type of statement is that?

If you have not read – An apple is an apple… then you should. However, lets just be sure to mention that not all relationship insights & quirks will have fruit in them!

Lets get started!

Remember that time you met him or her or both? The first thing you realised is that you couldn’t help but feel the chemistry (which will be another blog later on). From this surge of good feelings coursing through your veins, you somehow just knew this was the one! With some cosmic alignment of the stars or the moon was full, you ran home to mum & dad and shared your new found life partner.

Lets fast forward 3 months later… if you havent tried to change them (read the apple blog) , somehow you just cant seem to win them over entirely. By this I mean you have them enjoying you & the time you both spend together… as love is so far from the 3 month mark.

At this point you start pining, over analysing everything about what they say, the messages they send and/or looking at your phone constantly for the next update… basically your mind is completely saturated with the thought of them… all the time.

This my friend is proof that you cannot squeeze a green tomato ripe. Everyone needs time to adjust to a new found friend. It takes time to cultivate a long lasting & meaningful relationship. This time is nature’s way of either preparing you or them for what the next season holds. Don’t take it to seriously if it doesn’t work out. Really, don’t. Its no harder for you to lose at love than it is for anyone else. Be honest & kind to yourself to acknowledge when this person won’t fall inline to your timing of things.

Most of the time, if you leave and let things take their rightful course… it will be right for the picking!


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